Dear Powers That Be . . .

I shouldn't be on here. I should be writing a paper. It is, coincidentially due in approximately 7 hours and I have yet to start. Yes, I truly have become one of those kinds of slackers. And I can't even justify updating because of some killer knitting project because . . . there hasn't been one. I'm forcing myself to only do gift knitting until everything is done. It's scary stuff with Thanksgiving in a week. But bear with me.

Remember that wonderful international project I'm involved with? Angel Between the Lines? Well in case you didn't know, it is the continuation of the brilliant Buffy Between the Lines. With such an amazing project is it any wonder that it has been nominated for the podcast awards? And we NEED you to vote. Why? If BBtL season 2 wins in the entertainment category then Tabz will get the team to produce a one episode shot of what happens with Faith and Robin following the tv show's season 7 finale. Yes! I know! If you know me (and even if you don't), you know that I'm rediculously obsessed with the character of Faith. She was the subject of both my costuming and academic work last year and I'm on a continual hunt to acquire the Jackle (her knife).

So as you can see, I NEED you to go here and vote for BBtL in the entertainment category. It takes about 3 minutes to vote and verify your email. You can vote every day until the 30th.

As an added incentive, I snagged this off of the Blog Archive at the BBtL site. You can find the entire page here. I've always thought Superchic[k]'s "One Girl Revolution" would be perfect for Buffy (as I'm sure many fans have), so I just had to share this video.

Enjoy, feel inspired, and GO VOTE!


Stressed Out Needles (and Giveaway Winners)

Yes, I know I haven't updated in a week or more, but I think I have a good excuse. Giant paper plus Western Civ test grading equals get out of blog jail free card? Normally I wouldn't even feel guilty, but I have to announce who won the free signed comic book giveaway from last week. But for those of you who don't care about that, what has been going on in the life of this geek girl?

Well, like I said, giant papers and grading, which amounts to quite a bit of stress. Ironically, our Bible study tonight was about dealing with stress. And how do I deal with stress? I knit of course! (well, and I write random promos for Buffy Between the Lines, but that's not important)

Since last I blogged, I finished Fetching. I loved this pattern and can definitely see why it is so popular. The construction is grand and with my naturally small gauge they fit just right (I have been told I have small-ish hands). Though I loved the green in my Summer Beret, I didn't think that I would like using it in the gloves. Boy was I wrong.

(Me pretending to be artistic. Hey, I only have 2 hands and do my own photography)

The weather here has been wonky so fingerless gloves have been great for early mornings or late nights that I have to be on campus and fit nicely in my purse. I'm wanting to make more. Maybe Susie's Reading Mitts? Though those are knit in yarn that isn't sock yarn and that is currently the bulk of my yarn collection. I've recently been on a yarn spree via Ravelry users' destashing. Most (ok, fine, not most. All) of it has been verigated sock yarn. But I promise I'm finding uses for it. A couple weeks ago I bought some Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Knitters Without Borders colorway.

I just love the colors in the skein and had this vision of a haunting vampire style shawl/scarf that would look stunning around my neck. Well try as I might I couldn't find anything . . . until Ysolda released this last week as part of the Whimsical Little Knits 2 collection (sorry non-Ravelry users. It's not on ysolda.com yet). It's perfect! Right? Well, I hope so. I cast on last night and the white is a little more striking than I'd like but I think once I get a bigger portion completed it'll look like what I imagine.

And speaking of shawl-like things, I finally blocked my Angela Shawl. I was very unsuccessful in pulling out the points (asking for blocking wires for Christmas), but I think the result is still great.

Only problem is that I still don't see myself wearing a shawl almost ever, but I wore it this way yesterday (it was so warm outside by the time I got to church I had to take it off).

I also knit all of the pieces for the French Press Knits slippers (ballet flats actually) pattern on Friday night (told you I am stress). I put the pieces of one together but haven't gotten around to finishing the second, let alone felting. Not an exciting task. Overall I'd say I've been quite productive this week.

Oh! You wanted to know who won the giveaway? Well that would be Dariclone and Crystal! Email me with your address (tharensolo@gmail.com) and we'll get those sent out to you straightaway!