I hate preliminary posts

I hate preliminary posts. They just feel so . . . I don't know, lame? Yes, this is me. This is my blog. I'm a girl, a geek, a rabid student, and oh yes, I knit.

My friend Ky and I are the hosts of the Chic Geek Podcast, a podcast about all things that are girly, geeky, or maybe even both. It follows that we are big fans of tv (yes, Fox is evil. But they still have some of the best shows). If you know geeks, you know that we spend hours on end watching tv shows or movies or playing on the internet. As much as I love doing this, after a while I get restless, which is why a few years ago I taught myself how to knit.

Two years later I am still very much an amature, having just learned a few months ago how to follow a pattern. Which brings us back around to the why of this blog. My projects are geared for either friends and family gifts, or ones that have some personal enjoyment to the pattern. The ultimate litmus test of a pattern, though, is how well I can do it while I watch my daily doses of television. If it can hold up to the intensity of T:SCC, the excitement of Smallville, the frustration of Gossip Girl, and the sustained rewatchability of Buffy, all while still holding my interest, then it is my kind of pattern. And you'll hear all about it here.

So there you have it. Faithfully Geeky, where even knitting has a geeky component.

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