New Fedora Fad

There's a new comic out there. Yes, I know, as much of a geek as I am the most comic reading I do is Buffy Season 8 (though I'm a bit behind. Haven't read since the Fray arch). But I do keep somewhat up to date. I do, after all, have posters for World of New Krypton and Battle of the Cowl. So I'm not that out of the loop, right?

Yeah, ok, anyway, there is only one thing we're here to talk about and that's Stranger Comics' new book The Untamed (now by book, I mean comic book. And by comic book, I mean ongoing series. Yeah, I need help).

The Untamed is a story of mystery! Betrayal! Intrigue! It seriously feels to me like the start of one really good sci-fi/fantasy novel. And before you say anything, I do know the difference between sci-fi and fantasy. But there are those rare moments where the lines begin to blur and an exciting playground emerges. The Untamed is just that. An exciting playground in which the dead may just come to life.

The story itself involves a mysterious stranger who is permitted to leave Hell to return to a town he once ruled (ruled? maybe he ran it. I'm not sure because it hasn't come out yet and that's not in the eleven pages I was advanced). The man crosses the river out of Hell to visit the graves of his family before entering the town. What happens next you'll just have to wait and see. I know I'm not the best comic reviewer, but seriously, it's pretty exciting stuff. And what's really cool? We'll be meeting the main character of Stranger Comics' main series through this comic. Not just any main character, but a strong female lead, which is going to be so cool! The artwork is stunning and the writing is very well done. And the critics are raving.

The most awesome thing is that the company, Stranger Comics, is not one of your mainstream comic lines (but I DON'T have anything against the mainstream. Let's make that clear. And comic lines probably isn't the best terminology but oh well). As an emerging comic publisher, Stranger Comics is involving in not just traditional comic distribution, which will be done on recycled paper, but will also be making comics downloadable via the iphone app Panelfly. AND, there is an animated version on the official website (it rocks).

Because I'm so excited about this comic (and thanks to the provision of Tabz), I am hosting a giveaway here for the comic itself. All you have to do to enter is to visit Stranger Comic's YouTube channel and watch the first installment of the animated comic. THEN, come back here and leave a comment telling me what you think. Two people will win a signed copy of issue one. How cool is that? The giveaway will run through Saturday, November 7, and the winners will be notified on here with details.

And the thing I find most cool about Stranger Comics? The little dude in their logo is wearing a fedora!


  1. That preview was amazing! I definitly loved the animation, it seemed like a really a trailer for a really great animated movie. I'd definitly like to find out what happens to this man and how he came to be in hell.

  2. Looks very cool! Death, I assume that's the white guy in the boat, reminds me of a Dementor or a Ring Wraith. Very creepy. It makes me want to know what happens next.

  3. Wow, that was a hell of a preview! The art is gorgeous and the story looks intriguing. Leaves a lot of questions I'd love to know the answers to. I REALLY love the last couple of sentences as he gazes out over the scenery. Super cool!

  4. I've never been one for motion comics, but that definitely intrigued me enough to give the first issue a read.

  5. Interesting animation. Fiction is ruining my life. This looks like it could be yet another addiction.

  6. Wow. With the animation, it's barely a comic. More like a cartoon. Reminds me of cartoons from the late 80s/early 90s. It was a great story!

  7. Impressive! The artwork is spot-on; I wanted more... right away. Effective use of 'camera' as well. On top of that, the story itself is very intriguing. I want to know what he chooses and I want to know the background. Looks like a must-have!