It's Planty el Macetocico!

My sister has a specific playlist for every mood.  If she's frustrated with life or mad at the world it's Pink or Evanescence.  If she's happy it is  a sickening assortment of pop music that make you wonder at times if she has any taste at all (she does, she has better taste than me).  And while my current playlist might consist mostly of Metric and PJ Harvey, I can feel myself slipping into that style of happy that can only be expressed in cotton candy music.  Maybe it's the weather.  Despite the fact I love cold weather, today it is nice to have bright sunlight and a temperature requiring no more than a light sweater over a tank top allowing me to sit outside and read (I know the rest of the world is cold and snowy. And I envy you. Except today).  It was dreadfully rainy this morning but now is cheerful and there are screaming children, skateboards, and puppies everywhere (I can't think about the screaming and skateboards for too long or I'll lose my happy.  It's surprising how much noise carries to the third floor).  There's nothing really new in my knitting, but here are a few of the things that I know are behind my good mood.

This is Echo, the kindle that has come to live with me.  Monday was Chris' and my anniversary and he was way too sweet and got me the gift I really wanted but didn't know he knew I wanted.  Yep, he's just that good.  Or I'm just that talkative.  I choose to think it's the former.  Anyway, I've loaded up some Kathy Reichs, Anita Blake, and of course, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, to do all the reading my heart can desire that my school schedule will allow.  Actually, I may be guilty of a little too much reading and a little less work than is good for me, but it's just so nice and fun. And I can read while I knit without any crazy balancing act!

New glasses!  There was this crazy online deal a few weeks ago in which a coupon code would negate the price of glasses.  So I got these babies for a whopping $15.  The price of insurance and shipping.  I've been wanting red glasses ever since Amy Acker rocked her adorable pair on Angel.

Maybe that's the source of my new red obsession?

I don't name my plants, but if I did, this would totally be Planty, the Potted Plant.

So they only had a clip in Spanish.  That might just add to the happy.

I've never been one to have a green thumb.  I tend to forget and the plant dies in my car in some freak frost (hey, it happens.  The right mix of good intentions, school vacation, and forgetful me can cause a lot of weirdness).  This Christmas Cactus is a clipping of one that my mom has at home.  That plant is actually a clipping from my grandmother's.  She died before my parents married but her memory has always been a big influence in our family.  Evidently she was a hard worker, had an impeccable house, and always ate her vegetables (I may not be sure on that last one, but I'm pretty sure if my parents thought it would help that would be the story).  I've had this one since last spring and it has finally bloomed!  It started blooming right after I decided to take more time on my thesis, so I like to think it was celebrating the reduction of stress around here.

Now I'm going to go back to reading in our fading daylight (sun goes down fast here on the coast) through my new glasses next to my plant while knitting.  Here's to happy!

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