Expanding My Horizons

You didn't think I would go all the way to New York City and not visit a yarn shop, did you?  Of course not.  You know me far too well and understand that an addict must have her fix no matter in what city she may find herself.

On the last day of our trip I went down to Soho with my aunt who lives in the city.  Our destination?  Purl Soho.  If you ever have the chance to go I highly recommend it.  They are on the pricier side, but the way they have utilized their space is amazing.  They have a lot less room than any shop I have visited, yet somehow they managed to make their stock of yarn and fabrics look so inviting that there is no clutter at all.  We ooh'd and ah'd and cuddled everything, admiring the pairing of colors and the great selection of books.  This was the first place I had seen a lot of items in stock, including Pom Pom Quarterly, which I am kicking myself for not picking up.  But I am so excited for the purchases I did make that it mitigates my disappointment.

I know I am very late in the game, but I finally bought my first skein of Shelter in this lovely brownish black with flecks of brighter colors.  I have not picked out what to knit it into, but I am thinking something Jared Flood is in order -- perhaps Rosebud?

Of course I bought a bag, because that's what I do, but I also bought a new craft.  My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was a kid as one of my first introductions to needle arts.  I never really took to it, but I've wanted to return to the thread variety of crafting and an embroidery kit seemed just the thing.  This is a kit for a French clip, and I am excited to see how it turns out.  The lack of obvious application is what kept me from fully embracing this side of craft, so we shall see if this makes a difference.

So if you are in the city, definitely check out this shop.  And be sure to build in some extra time to walk up the street and do some knitting at the Harney and Sons tea shop.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Yarn and tea in New York? Sounds like the perfect day to me!