All is quiet on the blogging front, but not really in reality.  We are busily going through our hastily packed boxes and trying to find spaces for everything.  The clothes are in the closet, but not all of them because it's, you know, cold again.  The dishes have been put away but the crockpots are still looking for a place to call home.  The crafting supplies have no idea what they are doing since the death of my sewing desk, but the stash is safely hiding in its cupboard.  The one part that is without a doubt, one hundred percent done?  My books.

There is already talk of a fourth bookcase coming into our lives on account of just how many books I have.  This may be the third time Chris has moved them in our year and a half of marriage, but I never fully unpacked them before now.  I guess I always worried that he might judge me on the sheer number of books that I have collected over the years.  But happily there has been no judgement.  He even helped me unpack, sorting out the final half of the alphabet and reading random lines of Tolstoy and Mead.

My favorite part of the new place is probably the kitchen.  It is exactly the type of kitchen I've always wanted -- small but not too small, with a wall of shelves and real cabinets with real handles (You laugh but there were no handles on any of the cabinets in our old place).

I love that the place is painted with all white trim/fixtures/whatever you call cabinets and such.  I'm sure it is impractical but it makes everything so much brighter.

As we've unpacked we've also enjoyed Chris' new work schedule that has allowed us to eat dinner together every night this week.  That combined with a new kitchen can only mean one thing.  Cooking!

I highly recommend the Southwest Mac n' Cheese from Budget Bytes.  It's the second meal I've made from her website in the past week and they've both been a hit.  A bit spicy for Chris' taste, but that's my fault.  I love some spice in my cooking.

All things considered, the move has been one of the best things that could have happened to us.  And not just because we now have a screened in porch for after dinner tea.

See?  There's still knitting and reading happening here.  But more on that later.

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  1. Man, I really hope this one works out for you - packing & moving sucks :'(