All Tied up in Cables

I've gotten really good at knitting while I'm reading. I bring my book holder with me to work and then knit while I read about Newton or the Great Depression or whatever else we might be working on at the time. Surprisingly, it's a lot easier to read while I'm knitting and it goes by a lot faster. Helps to have the pattern memorized already.

The Bella mittens seem to be really taking off. Last week I had requests for 1, 2, . . . I believe 4 more (there's a post-it on my desk with the official list). This brings the number up to 7 or 8. I have finished the ones for Ky and I'm almost done with Kim's (a surprisingly pleasant turn of events has prevented me from finishing the thumbs). In any case, I need to hit the yarn store because I'm down to my last skein. Good thing I get paid in two weeks. And then it's Spring Break, which equals lots of free knitting time for Faith.

In the meantime I've been furiously working on this blanket. I have it down to under twenty rows on this panel and then one more panel left. There's a light at the end of the tunnel! Now if only I could get there.

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