Drugs: The New Anti-Knit

I feel like I haven't updated in forever, which is pretty true. Things around here are increasing in their insanity as we have passed the two month marker on the countdown to graduation. It's always weird when you get ready to graduate, because you know you're going to graduate, but at the same time there is the chance you won't because there are things that need to be done before hand. In my case it's three giant papers and presentations (giant as in easily 40 pages a piece, which is a lot for undergraduate work).

In any case, knitting's become something of a drug to me. I had a conference in DC about two weeks ago and the entire bus ride up and back I sat staring out the window and working on one of my super-secret projects while listening to one of Scott Sigler's podcast novels (Ancestor for those who are interested. I still have a lot of it left, but it's really good! At least by my sci-fi obsessed standards. It's very Michael Crichton). Several weeks later I'm still only a little under halfway finished, but it's coming along nicely.

I'm contemplating a return to monogomy for a while. I have said secret project, a pair of gloves for my boyfriend (he's a hockey player so this project could get interesting), professor gifts, and several more pairs of Bella mittens keeping me busy. Plus the stuff I've been wanting to do for myself. I bought the yarn for the Wicked vest that the Stash and Burn girls are talking about and a few patterns that I've had my eye on might make it into my queue soon. I know that all I'm going to do for a while is this project, but after that, we shall see. I like being able to jump projects, but my school work is keeping me too busy to see much progress.

I have completed some projects. I finally finished the Cable Comfort Throw for my friend back home who got married last summer (nothing like randomly late wedding gifts). I'm quite proud of it and don't think I'm going to make another blanket for a very long time (though as I say this I'm suddenly getting more ideas). It was a dull pattern after a while, but it looks great. And all the seaming up that I was worried about went by really fast during TSCC and Dollhouse on Friday.

I've also been knitting Bella Mittens for some friends. I've completed and mailed two more pairs since my last update and have at least three more to make and send to various parts of the country. I love doing this pattern because it's not necessarily easy, but it's not so hard that I never want to do it again. And the supplies are easy to transport which is always a good thing for someone like me who is always running around and has several really long days away from the apartment. I do feel bad that a lot of the girls aren't getting them until it's too warm to wear them anymore, but they'll be all set to run away to Forks next winter.

(Kim in her mittens that finally arrived last week)

My Ravelry account is still sadly lacking in friends. Mostly because I don't actively seek out strangers and add them as friends (though that might change when I go to grad school). I'm hoping that since I've started using Ravelry on a more regular basis and actually update my project files that I'll meet some new people. We shall see. In the meantime, I have some papers I need to go write.

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