Fashion in the Dollhouse

I've kind of fallen off of the knitting bandwagon lately. I still love it. I'm still passionate about taking the collection of fibers that have been made into beautiful yarn and turning that yarn into something I can wear. But over the past week or so I've been kind of coasting. I'll pick up a project, knit a few rows, and then put it down. I'm not sure why this has happened, but I'm hoping to fix it soon. I'm almost done with the border of the Great Gatsby Dress, so things should get more interesting after I finish that piece. Of course, that means acquiring the proper needles for this project. Hopefully my friendly neighborly AC Moore has the giant circulars in stock. Oh and those "hockey gloves" I'm knitting? Yeah, haven't worked on them since. *sigh* Poor boyfriend's going to be freezing for quite some time.

In happier news, I'm blogging live from my brand new computer! Last week my best friend came to visit and went up to Best Buy with me. I now have a lovely HP Compaq Presario. It's black and has a wider screen than what I'm used to. And it's absolutely amazing. I'm pretty insane about it, but it's such a relief to have a computer that works! My good friend Frank gave me the opportunity to test out the audio capabilities yesterday by recording an episode of his podcast Echo Alert (if you haven't checked it out, you should. It's about the new hit tv show Dollhouse and is tons of fun to listen to). It was so cool to record and have it actually sound good. I've already gotten a piece of a chip (flax seed tortilla) stuck under the zero on the key pad . . .

But back to knitting. . . .

My subscription to Vogue Knitting finally started. Earlier this week I got my first magazine. It's all about luxury yarns and long, light summer knitting. I haven't read all of the articles yet, but I really like it. The main reason I wanted the magazine is because of the last pattern, #31 It's a pair of socks by Mari Muinonen that look very similar to the socks worn by Eliza in the Dollhouse opening credits. I've never knitted socks before, so these probably should not be my first pair, but I want them soooo bad! I pretty much want the whole outfit, but I'll settle for the socks. For now.

I've been thinking a lot about fashion lately. Not in the "oh, I want to be a supermodel and wear designer clothes" way, but in a more practical sense. As you can see in the previous post, I recently acquired a new pair of glasses. I've worn contacts for years, but as I've moved out of my parents' house and taken on a lot of my own finances, contacts are no longer financially feasible. I mean, I'm taking over my car insurance soon, I can't really afford $30 a month for contacts on top of rent and food. So anyway, it's becoming more difficult to figure out what to wear because things look a little different with glasses. Plus, even though I'm a college graduate, people at work still think I look sixteen. So now I've started going through my clothes pulling out stuff. Half my clothes I've had as long as middle school, so it's time to grow up. Items like the green jean skirt I bought when I was fourteen just don't fit with the image of a graduate student.

Once again, what's all this have to do with knitting? Well a lot of fashion has embraced knitting, and in the same vein, a lot of knitting is fashionable. It's no longer granny sweaters and mittens (though oversized mittens have become quite popular). So by playing with my knitting, I'm able to find more of what looks good. Knitting magazines have become a great way to see what is out there and I've been getting a lot of good ideas.

Now if I could just find the desire to actually go shopping.

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