The Purple Blond

The knitting fever has taken hold. Full force and a little scary. I recently drove from my current residence on the coast of North Carolina to my parents' place in the mountains. It's a six hour drive, which means six hours of absolutely no knitting. That's a killer, 'cause I get really fidgity when I don't knit. So to stave off the urge to either red-light knit (yes, I have done that before during a seriously bad traffic jam) or rip my fingernails off, I listen to knitting podcasts. This trip did not include Stash and Burn or Doubleknit, but did have the new Never Not Knitting as well as several new podcasts I have recently discovered, including Electric Sheep, KIPing it Real, and The Savvy Girls Podcast. It seems kind of boring to think about just listening to people talk about knitting for several hours, but I love it. And when I got home the first thing I did was pull out my Evil Stepmother Toe-Up Socks and knit away.

These socks are the product of many hours of boredom and confusion. Not confusion because I didn't know what I was doing, but confusion because I can't understand why in the world I thought I needed to do plain stockinette. I mean, yes it is a variegated yarn. And yes, I was learning a new technique, but still. We all know how bored I get when it comes to knitting a continuous repeating pattern.

But I love (check it. LOVE) these socks. They're soft and so cute. And toe-up with short row heels? Wendy Johnson's book was the best knitting purchase I've ever made. The stockinette part is boring but the short rows are addictive. I was also able to read while I knit them, so that was pretty cool. This evidentially was exactly what I need in my wardrobe. The dumb blond of the knitting world. Seductive, addictive, and absolutely dull socks.

I think I need another pair.

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  1. Thanks for the plug. Glad I could keep you company! :)