Wonder Shawls and Halter Tops

I have a problem. It's called the lace shawl. And it's a problem a lot of knitters seem to be having lately. See, we love to make shawls. For me, there is not much about knitting that is as fun as an intense chart reading session that ends in taking a rather drab looking mess of fabric and blocking it out into something beautiful.

As an end of the semester celebration I allowed myself the super addictive knitting of a small shawl, using the same yarn from my Top Model Hat. It's gorgous, but the problem of the lace shawl reared its ugly head yet again. It is tons of fun to make, but when exactly am I ever going to wear it? Shawls don't really go with the jeans and tshirt uniform I've adopted on the days I do not TA. Fortunately I finished it just before an end of semester / cinco de mayo party, so I had a fun way to wear it.

Should probably invest in some shawl pins if I keep this up. I had to use the Wonder Woman pin from my backpack to hold it together.

This past week I knit my first real garment (I don't count the Wicked Vest since it was such a disappointment. I actually just gifted it to my sister for her birthday). I went on a recent yarn spree (still hasn't ended), which included acquiring some Knit Picks Shadow. It's gorgeous, but fingering weight so whatever I made had to be held together.

Adopting some modifications I found on Ravelry (credits on my project page), I decided to turn the Razor Cami into a halter top. The pattern is gorgeous and for some reason doing the same two rows over 156 stitches in the round for sixteen inches was actually not boring. It only took me about five days to knit, and while there are some fit problems due to the stretch of the yarn and the sheer impracticality of a halter made of a lace chart, I really do love it.

Now I'm working on a pair of socks I dug out of my in-progress basket (sock, really, I had just gotten to the heel of the first sock) and have a hat blocking and waiting for a button. The knitting life is good.

And remember, knitting needles are fun. Until Hit Girl gets ahold of them. Then no power in the 'verse can stop me from running away as fast as I can.

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