"Seize the Moment, Cause Tomorrow You Might Be Dead"

I have spent most of today trying to work on my thesis, going through sources, bemoaning authors' lack of footnotes, and now I find myself knitting a gauge swatch trying to restart my brain before charging on (yes, a gauge swatch, your eyes do not deceive you).  I am trying to do more reading when I decompress, but tonight I'm falling back on old habits and watching Buffy.  I have a good reason (aside from the continued rewachability of late 90s fashion), I promise.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the start of the Buffy rewatch on Nik at Nite.  If you are in to television studies you should check out Nikki Stafford's blog anyway.  For 2011 she has pulled together a great group of guest bloggers to watch and commentate on the series, including my very own Dr R!  Dr. R was both my English professor and my Buffy studies mentor during undergrad and continues to be a dear friend.  I'm very excited to read what she and the other contributors have to say as I love anything that will enhance my understanding of the show. (Viewing schedule can be found here)

As I write this I am watching the pilot.  Every time I watch this episode I'm reminded of the first time I watched the show.  I had just started ninth grade at a new school and one of the first girls to befriend me was a fan.  The first season had just been released on to dvd so I went over to her house to watch it in her room on a computer with all of the lights off and windows drawn.  The only time I had even heard of Buffy before was in 5th grade when a mom was watching it during a sleepover.  I don't know why we didn't watch beyond the first disk, but it was not a giant leap to snatch up the season when I found it in the library my first month of college.  You guys know the rest, but I can't help but every time I watch this episode I can't help but feel like a thirteen year old sitting on the floor in late afternoon darkness.

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