WIP Wednesday: A Frigid Start

As I mentioned on Monday, things here on the North Carolina coast have been very unusual as of late.  The public schools have been closed for the past three days and the university had a two hour delay today for the first day of the semester.  Sadly it looks like the temperature will be back up to sixty this weekend, much to my dismay and before I get a chance to wear the hat I started last week.

This will be my third Turn A Square hat in the past two months.  I loved the ones I knit for gifts so much that I wanted one for myself.  I'm using Cascade 220 in a lovely shade of grey and the last of the Malabrigo Twist I used for my sister's Strawberry Chocolate Wristers.

Sadly I have not made nearly as much progress on my Jaded Milkmaid pullover since last week.  I finished the ribbing and have almost reached the waist shaping but then put it away because it required too much pattern referencing and measuring for the amount of time I have had available as of late.  Because I am trying to write and defend my thesis this semester (yikes!) I have been spending most of my time buried under large piles of books.  And maybe a little too much time in the stacks.

My Knit Happy water bottle amidst the Soviet Union section

Look what I found!  I really am turning into the absentminded professor type.

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  1. Turn a Square is a terrific pattern and I love the colors that you chose. I hope you can find some time to knit on your sweater. I have the book and ear-marked that pattern, also.

  2. Turn a Square is such an excellent pattern. I've knitted two, and it's a good go-to for gifts. Also, the water bottle is adorable. I finished my master's degree this past summer, so I know that feeling of living in the library. :)

  3. I love the Turn A Square pattern! And I like the colors you've chosen for that one. Hope you get to wear it!

  4. The colour combination in that hat is amazing, I really love the strawberry-chocolate yarn. And best of luck with the thesis!

  5. Wow, everyone seems to love the Turn a Square pattern! I may have to give it a try at some point. Your hat looks great, and I love the yarn choice! I hope you're able to finish it in time to wear it with the cold weather.

  6. Love the colors of your hat. Maybe it will turn cold enough to wear it before winter is over.