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I have two new addictions -- Alice Yu, Socktopus, patterns and Cakewalk Yarns.  And they go so well together.  Alice's patterns are just this side of complicated with their pretty and functional design.  Plus a lot of them have an inspiration that makes my little geeky heart sing.  Cakewalk colorways are full of fun and vibrant colors that jump all over the knitted canvas.  Together I have found that they create socks that instantly catch the eye but do not lose the patterning or muddle the colors when put together (I have a second pair on the go that will further prove this point).

V Junkie, from Socktopus, in Cakewalk Yarns Footsie, Chalkboard

These are my favorite socks.  I cannot pinpoint the exact date that I finished them because I immediately wore them and have had them on my feet at least two days a week since then.  I did not even get these pictures taken before I road tested them with long hours on my feet at work.  Footsie, Cakewalk's sock yarn base, is a dream to work with.  It's very tight and does not feel overly soft in the skein, but once it has been washed it makes for super cozy sock.  The stitch definition is gorgeous and I have not had the pilling problem that I have come to accept will happen on the heel of all of my socks.  Before I had these off my needles I ordered another skein.  It really is like cake -- I can't stop at just one bite.

The pattern itself is a thing of genius.  I have never used a garter stitch heel before, but I love how it worked up.  I'm a short-row heel fan because I love the way they hug my feet.  I did modify the foot patterning a bit because I had heard that the socks themselves came out too big.  I knit the medium size and only did two repeats of the cell pattern before I started the pattern decrease.  Instead of knitting to one cell before I started the toe I started that at the one cell and knit a short-row toe that started on the top of the foot and grafted under the toes.  I am really proud of that little stroke of genius. I have never felt comfortable with my sock knitting to do more than change from one style toe to another, never mind just change things up so that it fits my foot better.

These have fast become my favorite socks ever.  I really need to finish up this next pair so that I can justify another purchase.  You know how some people get every color of Socks that Rock?  I may just start collecting every color of Cakewalk.  Cause if it's a "collection" then it really isn't stash -- right?

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