Strange Productivity

I was reminded of something today -- The earlier I get out of bed the more I get accomplished.  When I was in graduate school I started waking up really early because I made greater progress, and more valuable progress, in the early morning than I did late at night.  By the time I was writing my thesis I was up around 430 or 5 to get writing done before work, rather than trying to squeeze it in when I got home.  Since I graduated I stopped doing this, but old habits appear to be resurfacing.  Today is my day off.  They come rather sporadically (though new developments may result in a set schedule starting next month), and I try to take advantage of them.  So why did I wake up at 4am?

Here's what I've accomplished in the past twelve hours:

1) 530am zumba class -- I decided since I was awake anyway I should give it a try.  And you know what?  There are bongos and cute old men at the 530 class!

2) Watching the first two episodes of Don't Trust the B in Apt 23.  Lucy's back!

3) All of the laundry.  And I do mean all.

4) Handwashing all of my tights to be put away for the season.  Just a head's up, it will probably snow now.

5) Reorganizing my knitting supplies, books, and magazines

6) Watching all of season one of Real Housewives of New Jersey -- Hey, a girl's gotta have something going on while she's doing all this laundry.  And nothing else was on tv.  Don't judge me.

7) Weaving in all of the ends on my Downton Abbey swap project.  That's a frak ton of ends.  In cotton.

8) Paperwork -- Really, I just made more piles and then put some in the corner and some in the trash.

9) Knitted my afghan square for The Knitgirllls Afghan Square Swap.  This little beauty is knit out of Malabrigo Rios and was almost enough to convince me that I would like to knit my own afghan -- if someone else bought the yarn for me.

Now I am drinking some tea, watching Stockinette Zombies, and trying to decide what project to cast on so I can use my new Tangerine Designs bag.

I know, right?


  1. LOL but now what will you do with all that free time you've created ? ;-)

  2. You know, I have been having similar thoughts. I have gotten lazy lately and haven't been getting up til 7ish and getting to work at 9ish and then the day is practically gone. I think you just inspired me to get up early tomorrow and I really needed that.