Bee Stings and Ribbing

I was hoping to have some significant progress to share with you today.  Actually, I had been hoping that I would be able to share a lot with you all week but my plans were thwarted by an evil entity.  Monday morning as I did some cleaning and plotted my blog posts for the week I was attacked by a bee.  Now I've been stung before.  You don't grow up playing outside as much as we did and not get stung occasionally.  But man did this thing hurt.  It stung me on my thumb and within minutes that entire side of my hand had swelled up in this shiny red mess.  I was in pain all day and as of this morning it is still swollen.  This means I did not get much if any knitting done because I could barely use that hand for over 24 hours.   But before that happened I did make a little progress that I can share with you.

For some reason Blogger is insisting that this picture must be loaded upside down.

Over the weekend I swatched for and cast on the Rosemary Cardigan from the newest Knitscene out of this gorgeous Cascade 220.  The heathered lime just sings to me, especially now that I am past the twisted ribbing.  Because of the way I knit I never understood why people hate twisted ribbing.  My stitches naturally twist when knitting in the round and it took me several garments to realize that my flat stitches were different from my circular knitting.  But it seems I just never had to knit twisted ribbing flat as now I completely understand.  I hate it.  It was awkward and made a weird part of my arm twinge a bit.  I guess there is a muscle there I've never used.

But now I am past that and it should be smooth sailing as the rest of the body is stockinette.  Wish me luck!

To see more lovely works in progress, check out the gang over at Tami's Amis.


  1. KEEP ON KNITTING!When you can...I hope you are feeling better.
    I really like the yarn, and the pattern you are using.
    I enjoy taking a peek at others creations. Thanks for sharing.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

  2. Pretty heathered green. You could try some antihistamine for that sting. My husband has histamine reactions to all kinds of things, so we rely pretty heavily on Benadryl which works a treat!

  3. oh no! Poor you. I played outside loads as a kid, and I think I've managed to avoid bee and wasp stings. I don't know how. I plan on avoiding it in the future now. It sounds like you were very uncomfortable. I'm impressed you've managed to get as much done as you have.

    Feel better soon.