There and Back Again: An Abbreviated Tale

Once upon a time a girl got on a plane.  She brought nothing more than an unknit pair of socks and a fun summer novel.  Four days later she stumbled back out into the airport, book nearly read, socks nearly completed, and immediately returned to work exhausted and airsick.  The next week followed in a whirlwind of catch up and late nights and way too little sleep. 

The wedding was an absolute blast.  I do tend to forget that my family can party so hard.  People see how out there I can be and don't always realize that I come by that honestly.  We love hard, and loud, and we take over the entire hotel lobby for breakfast.  Seriously, there was some soccer tournament in town and we boxed them out of all the chairs.  Personally I blame these four ladies.

My mom and her sisters are the current matriarchs of our little clan.  They've all had at least two children, many of whom have children of their own.  And let's not forget their brothers.  It is not often that we all get together in one place, but when we do it is a sight to behold.

And there was some yarn tourism while we were about.  My mom and Aunt Mary Ann made a detour with me to Spin a Yarn in Binghamton, NY.  If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth stopping by.  Nothing spoke to my heart that day, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  It really is a lovely shop.

Oh, and those socks?  More on those later.

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