Of Most Aggravating Socks

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me after my last post.  I never realized how little I sleep until I started tracking it.  But that is neither here nor there after a weekend like we had.  You see, one of the fun crazy things I get to do with my job is run a merch booth for a children's theater series.  Which means I spent my weekend selling pirate gear to hundreds of excited little tots.

On Friday I cast on a new pair of socks out of some Patons Kroy that I have been sitting on for a while.  They are doing a KAL over on Knitting in Circles for a very lovely pattern that I was very excited to knit.  I worked on it through all eight shows but finally had to admit yesterday that the pattern just isn't for me.  I find the key design element annoying to knit.  How sad is that?  I want to love the socks but that key element? It just drives me batty.

Fortunately I already had another skein of sock yarn wound and ready to go.  A magical skein from Gnome Acres in the colorway Stars Hollow.  I'm knitting the Breaking Hearts pattern.  Seems appropriate.

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