Of Yarn and Kool-Aid

It seems that the farther I get into my journey to find non-medicated solutions for my headaches the harder it is for me to concentrate.  Which makes blogging a mite difficult.  Why sit down to write when I can watch tv, play on my phone, and knit all at the same time.  This is probably why I still have not finished the second Outlander book despite reading it for almost a month.  And why my nails have gone unpainted for over a week  It all just takes too much concentration.

Luckily when my friend Erica came to visit over the weekend we found activities that work for my wandering brain.  We dyed yarn!

I never thought I would dye yarn, but this is probably the same part of me that never thought I would magic loop or knit socks.  Erica brought the yarn and I bought the Kool-Aid.  The entire process was ridiculously easy.  First you soak the yarn.  Then you put dye in water, add the yarn, and microwave on two minute bursts until the dye is completely absorbed and the water is clear.

I am really pleased with how our yarn turned out.  We made two variegated and one tonal, which I plan to use in some combination for colorwork mitts. 

And because we used reds, oranges, and pinks (because that was the whole selection on a Sunday at Kroger) I was able to turn these in for my Potions homework for Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup.

Now if I could just concentrate enough to finish these socks. 

Knitting at last week's Metric concert

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  1. The Outlander book 2 is not you. It's the book. I had the audio book from the library and I just. could. not. get through it! Now, I've decided to just watch the tv show. :) You might try the Enclave series and see what you think of that. I've enjoyed the first two and just got Horde from the library. :)