Very Slow Progress

The thing about focusing on my health above other pursuits is that it has decreased the amount of time I spend knitting.  I'm working out in some capacity six days a week. I'm going to bed at reasonable hours and letting myself sleep in if I don't have to be anywhere.  And I've read four books (The Indigo Spell, Infected, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, and The Shambling Guide to New York City) towards my goal of 25.  All of this has in turns distracted me from the most complicated socks ever.

It is a little frustrating to feel like I am making no measured process.  Here we are, 23 days into the year, and I have not finished a thing.  I have one completed sock and I am almost to the heel turn of the second, but I am beginning to worry that I will not have them finished before the end of the month to turn in for this month's class assignment.  I stayed up far too late last night to get to the last pattern repeat pre-heel.

The trouble comes from the fact that the cable crosses are insanely tedious.  Every few rows every stitch crosses with another stitch, but I have to take them off the needle and rearrange them.  No easy knit behind or in front of a stitch.  No no.  These are all knit stitches crossing over purl stitches.

Well, I said I wanted more cabling in my life.  I really should watch what I put out there in the universe.

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  1. Choosing sleep over stitches is probably best in the long run, that cable sounds tricky!