Lakeside Zombies

What was that I said would be my downfall with stash organization?  That I would be winding all of the things?  Yep, that's happening.  Yesterday I cast on not one, but two new projects and I am already plotting for more.

I've had this skein of 716knit marinating in the stash for far two long.  It was a part of the first Stockinette Zombies birthday kit (2012) and I was sooooo excited to get it when the package arrived.  I had (and still do) a very minimal self-striping yarn stash at the time -- as in this was only my second skein -- and it was just too special to knit at the time.  And then I was all hipster and didn't want to use the same pattern as the kit because everyone else would be doing that.  And then it sat.  And we moved.  And it sat some more.

Yesterday morning I found myself unable to resist the siren call any longer.  I am an epic fail on my OWL for the House Cup this term (I'll tell the tale when I can finally face reality), so I was desperate for something bright, happy, and very distracting.  This yarn certainly fits the bill, and the Buffy naming system she uses just makes it all the more charming.  Everything you see in this picture was knit on the past two work lunch breaks.  I am redeeming the Georgia On My Mind pattern from the memory of my sad, mauled Bitchin' Socks and it is taking to the striping quite nicely.

Then I came home from work last night with the kind of pain only a woman can understand and wanted desperately something to knit that would completely hold my attention but not be too complicated.  My poor neon sock was not going to fit the bill, so I went stash diving again.

This time I came up with one of my larger fingering leftovers, easily accessible thanks to my new organization system.  The pattern is Braids, a lovely headband with an overwhelming chart that is actually quite intuitive.  This little ball is also from a sadly departed pair of socks, the Time of My Life socks knit out of Unwind Yarn Company in the Lake Lure colorway (I can't find the blog post in which I detailed the death of this particular pair, but trust me it was gruesome and involved actual blood).  I really need to bug Dana to see if she will dye up more of this colorway because it is gorgeous and invokes great memories of time spent at home hiking and playing in the lake.

I think I am content with these two projects, but who knows?  Tomorrow I could decide I need something else from my knitting.  Probably in a color other than green.

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