Spring Fever

I think it is finally spring now.  Not because the calendar says so, not because I can finally run after work without fearing I'll be hit by a car (due to darkness, not inept drivers, which is still a concern), and not because the weather is struggling ever so much to warm up.  Our warm/cold spells continue but this time it only ducked down to around 40 rather than the 20s.  No, none of these indicate spring in my home quite as much as my sudden and desperate need to tidy all the things.  Last night found me at 10 pm embarking on almost two hours of organization and manic cleaning.  There's this thing that happens in the waning months of winter, and I highly doubt I am the only one who suffers from it.  This thing that saps all of your energy the instant you think about putting away clothes or sorting the mail.  I don't know if it has a name, but one day you emerge from this wintery haze and see a layer of just stuff coating every surface.  You realize that you have been mixing clean and dirty laundry for such a dangerous amount of time that you wonder no one has noticed a smell.  And you vow to never again fall under its sway.

Today I continued with my mania to tackle a task that I often dread -- I cleaned out my crafting area.  

I call it my craft area, but really it is still dominated by the stash.  New yarn, old yarn, leftovers, ufos.  It all needed to be put right.  The good thing is that I no longer feel the need to buy any more yarn.  I started with the intent to just put in the cabinet what had been floating around the sewing desk, but I ended up pulling everything out and doing a full airing of the stash.  Everything has now been examined for damage, bagged, and stacked neatly in the cabinet.  

I also organized my leftovers into various categories as I am making hexipuffs.  I have an entire bag of fingering weight, all of which is my own and most of which is much more than is needed for hexis.  There may be preemie hats in my future.

All of this cleaning and organization is great.  I feel less cluttered and I get to rediscover items I have not properly appreciated.  But the downside?  I need to knit all the things and I need to knit them now.  If you need me I'll be huddled in the corner, winding yarn madly while I chew off my hair.


  1. I get the same urges, sadly I can no longer burn through a few hours of blitz cleaning. I have to leave it or risk breaking myself. I have taken a step towards airing and checking my yarn, I've ordered some sachets of lavender to add to the boxes after checking the yarn. I've decided to try and reduce the moth risk as much as possible after hearing more horror stories.

  2. When I read about the layer of stuff over everything, sapping your strength, I was sure you were talking about pollen. =) Well done on organizing the stash.