Do you ever have those times where it seems like everything comes back to one central idea or thing?  Like you don't mean to but everything you are carrying somehow has foxes on it and suddenly you are the fox girl?  This week for some reason I have been all about Sherlock.  I mean I love Sherlock in pretty much any incarnation (particularly the stories they did on Wishbone where he wore the little tweed hat), but for some reason it has been popping up a lot lately.  Maybe because the latest season of the show is now on Netflix?

I watched the episodes when they first aired, but I admit that I did not do a full scale rewatch before hand because I had grown weary of the years of prolonged anticipation.  But now, now I can watch it all again and revel in its existence.  Perhaps while knitting out of my new Sherlock bag!

Though I won't be working on these socks as they are currently bus knitting exclusive and getting a ton of mileage.  I would not be surprised if I complete them quite soon.  But the bag!  The bag is too cute to live in my backpack all the time.  This is from Noteable Needlework who from what I can gather is a newcomer on the bag scene.  If you have any interest at all in a cute sock size bag for a seriously good price, you should check out her stuff.  I saw this fabric at Into the Wool on another bag, so when I heard about this one there was no question I was picking it up.

And then, in more Sherlock fun, there is this Kickstarter campaign that you need to check out.  My friend Tabz is working on an effort to create a set of playing cards inspired by Sherlock Holmes featuring some pretty awesome original artwork.

The thing that makes this project worth backing is not the actual cards themselves (which are awesome), but the passion these folk have for original work.  I have heard Tabz talk many a time about how Sherlock was a founding part of her geek and how it shaped her passions and gave her a community.  And the people she has gathered to work on this project are just as passionate.  From contributing writers (oh, did I mention that there is an essay collection attached to this?) to project backers to the artists themselves, this is a love letter to the content.  If you want to know more, you should check out this interview she gave to Gamer XP.  And then go check out the project.  Because we all need a  bit more Sherlock.  Right?

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