FO: Bonnie

It's amazing how much knitting I can accomplish when I really put my mind to it.  This weekend I finished two garments and got a fair bit knit on a shawl.  I guess there really is something to be said for having Saturdays off.

I absolutely loved knitting Bonnie.  Well, with the exception of what felt like very real stockinette hell when I was about 80 rows in.  Note to self: buy a yarn counter before your next lace weight project.  Counting over 100 rows at such a fine gauge was not my finest hour, but the result is lovely.

I've had this skein of Madeline Tosh Lace kicking around the stash for almost two years.  I bought it at Webs on our honeymoon and it has been waiting for the perfect project.  It was originally intended to be a Nevis cardigan, but that was just not working.  So it sat, in its cake, waiting for love.  And then along came Tin Can Knits.

Obligatory selfie with the photographer because hello, honeymoon yarn
Bonnie must have crossed my path a million times before I finally realized it was the one.  The pattern my yarn had been waiting for.  It is open and lacy while still chic and slimming.  And the construction is genius.  There's no actual shaping in this knit.  It is all an illusion of the lace panel.  How cool is that?

I'm really glad I chose to take this with me to Into the Wool.  All the fun and conversation helped me to power through those long stockinette rows before I finally got to start the chart.  And now when I wear it I have two sets of happy memories -- the memory of Chris laughing when I realized he'd worked freaking Webs into our honeymoon and the memory of laughter that can only come when knitters spend days huddled together for warmth.

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  1. Aww..so sweet...the story and the top...I have a Hubs like that too...they are great...love the color of the top...nicely done..