Knitting Therapy

Sunday was probably one of the hardest days ever for me. Everyone is ok, but there was a small crisis that I will not go into detail about, and through it all I just kept knitting (well I also baked, but we don't want to talk about my love of piling cans of vegetables, beans, and various broth into the crock pot and hoping it comes out tasting yummy).

I knit and I knit and I knit . . .

And I finished the Blue Marigold Vest. Now, I knit almost all of the stockinette portion while doing the thousands of pages of reading I've been doing (grad school might do wonders for my sweater knitting if I stay this addicted to stockinette while reading), but the edging took a lot of work. Having something in my hands, something to work with and concentrate on that didn't require as much thinking as anything school related, was the best thing for me. I know, I'm not doing it justice, and I'm being super vague, but I feel the need to once again acknowledge the therapeutic powers of knitting.

Better pictures and explanation of the fun knitting tomorrow. Right now I have more reading and a gauge swatch to attend to.

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