Yarn Temptress

It's not often that I get to fall under the spell of yarn it its actual physical presence. Usually it seduces me from afar, across the internet, wearing me down until I finally invite it over and then wait nervously to see if it will truly be as its photo and profile promised.

But this time the little balls of temptation found me in person


This is my new love. Sublime cashmerino DK. I actually fell so hard that not only did I buy this little collection of blue, but I invited its friends of the green persuasion to come back with us to my place. And lest you think that I was taking advantage of this poor yarn, let me reassure you that I was on a mission of mercy, rescuing this and a few other yarns from a going out of business sale at an LYS. It practically leaped into my $30 bag, bringing along as much angora and Alpaca Sox as would fit.

But as it was the blue that made the first move, it got first dibs on a pattern. I've already cast on the Ms. Marigold vest and let me tell you, as far as yarns go, this cashmere does not disappoint.

Sorry for the dark picture quality. The little temptress wouldn't let me off my bed to go photograph until well near midnight last night.

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