Monday Hair? Not All Bad

Nothing perks me up on a Monday than compliments. It's how I get over my weekend exhaustion (let's face it, for some reason we're all plagued by sudden Monday morning drowsiness, even if, like me, you don't sleep more than an hour or so past your weekday schedule). So Monday mornings I often dig around for an outfit that makes me feel confident so that my brain can focus on all the school craziness that often causes serious wardrobe complications (when you wear the same giant sweater and jeans to the library three days in a row you know you need a break). Case in point, today I'm wearing a bright floral sleeveless top and my favorite jeans.

But I didn't start this just to talk about what I'm wearing today. Lately it seems every outfit I used to wear with regularity to school has looked different. Not because I've seriously gotten into shape (ha!) or spilled something on them (though that happens), but because everyone is taking note of the drastic haircut I got over the summer. I haven't blogged it before, but I think that anything that I enjoy enough to dance around in my bathroom with my straightener lip-synching to Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (more on that later) deserves some notice.

When I was in highschool my hair looked like this:

Super curly, super thick, and all the way to my waist. For some reason I really liked it this long (I shudder now at how hard that was to take care of) and did not get it cut for the majority of my college years.

Then in the fall of 2008 I decided to do some serious work as a birthday present to myself and got it cut to my shoulders.

Even that looks long to me now, which is really weird when just a few months ago that was the shortest I'd had my hair since middle school.

Last semester I got fed up with it. I decided to finish changing my look (started wearing glasses the summer before, which was pretty drastic). When I visited my family in May I went to see the woman who cuts my mom's hair and told her I wanted really short. Then I got in the chair, squeezed my sister's hand for luck, and closed my eyes.

I call this my Molly Ringwald hair.

I was pretty happy with the result. It was amazing how light I felt. And hilarious that people had difficulty recognizing me. But during the summer it grew out quite a bit and was very difficult to style while I was at Pitt. So what did I do when I came back? Got it cut even shorter.

Now it is at the perfect length. It goes well with all of my hats. And despite the fact that it absolutely must be straightened every day (because it is still super thick and curly), it is a lot of fun to style. It sounds really silly to say, but I think that my hair is finally reflective of the crazy person that I am. I often say that I suffer from too much personality, and now I look it.

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