FO: Christmas Knitting

I know that last year I swore off knitting Christmas presents after I cranked out hats for everyone in my family, but I seem to have forgotten that around the end of October. This year my Christmas knitting required two shawls, three pairs of fingerless mitts, a set of wristers, a hat, and two secret projects that have yet to be completed (oops!)

I made this shawl for my mom (Rav links with more photos). By now I think everyone recognizes Damson. I knit this out of Cascade Heritage Sock and yes, I ran out of yarn. But now I'm glad I had to buy another skein because I have quite a bit left over. I love the way the colors worked up so much I seriously almost kept this for myself.

Chris' mom (my . . . future mother in law? . . . weird) is a huge fan of all things Pittsburgh. I picked up a skein of specially dyed Steelers colored yarn to do the edging of a shawl. I ended up using the Reading Shawl because it has the nice neck shaping to help prevent the shawl from falling off this energetic petite woman.

I knit my brother the Cairn hat for his birthday back in October, so for Christmas I knit for him a matching pair of mitts. For some reason I got it in to my head to make the same mitts in other colors for my dad and Chris. All needing to be knit within a week and a half. Obviously, I lost my mind because as I was working on the second set I started seeing this:

The guys all appear to be pleased, so my craziness appears to have been merited (though they sadly did not get the reference).

My sister presented a bit more of a complex problem. She has already requested a few items that are super patterned, making them difficult to work on during school. But these wristers, knit up in Malabrigo Twist, are the perfect mix of girly and impracticality. My favorite part is the giant bow.

Finally, a few days before Christmas, I decided to knit a hat for my grandfather who would be making an unexpected appearance at the traditional unwrapping.

Jared Flood's Turn a Square. It is super addictive. Gracie even decided to get in on the modeling.

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