FO: Cabled Highway Socks

I think I officially weirded out my neighbors today sitting outside taking photos of my feet. I just couldn't help myself. It's been rather dark and almost stormy since I finished my new socks.

That's right. I had more than enough yarn to finish the Cabled Highway Socks! (So named for the hours and hours and hours spent on the road while I was working on them, they're actually Wendy Johnson's Lace and Cable Socks)

I absolutely love these socks. I think I've finally found my ideal foot and cuff length. I did not want to have a fold over cuff because of the lace panel on the front, so I just knit them to the length I would fold them down to. My favorite way to wear my hand knit socks (the one pair I've kept for myself) is with a short skirt and a pair of simple black shoes, so a fold-over or tall cuff is not an aesthetically pleasing look.

This pattern was a ton of fun. I feel like I say that a lot, but I knit for fun, so I should enjoy it. I'm now casting about for some more cables to knit. Maybe I'll pull out a pair of socks I started last summer while I was living in Pittsburgh.

All of these pictures were taken on my new phone! Sorry, I'm still a little spazzy about it, playing around with the settings and such. Here's a glimpse of what I sat next to while taking pictures of my socks.

I call it "Portrait of Life in The Land of White Trash".

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