2KCBWDay4 - Where Are They Now?

Today's prompt is to write about the fate of a past project.  I have found myself doing this a lot anyway, so in the spirit of the blog week I am modifying this prompt to write about something different -- my longest standing UFO.

Back in 2009 I discovered that knitting magazines are not all about kittens and toilet paper cozies (hey, I was still new to the concept of an actual knitting community ).  I bought the summer issue of Interweave and was immediately overwhelmed by all the projects and the many kinds of garments people could actually knit.  Even though I had seen all sorts of projects on Ravelry it was still like opening an entirely new world of knitwear.

The first project I decided to make is still the only Interweave pattern that I have attempted (I've since discovered I prefer Vogue, but that's another story).  Something about the Great Gatsby Dress just appealed to me

Even though I worked on it all summer, and even though it got me through a flood and life on the fringe of homelessness, when I finally started the semester it somehow got put away.

I used to be a little ashamed that I never got past the second hem.  The bag sits in the back of my closet hiding.  But I've decided to no longer be embarrassed by my giant UFO.  Instead I view it as insurance.  In this economy you never know where your next yarn money will come from.  So against that day I have at least a month's amount of knitting to fall back on.


  1. It looks really cute so far, I love it. XD

  2. Insurance knitting seems like a solid plan to me! I used to worry about running out of yarn (the same way that I fret over running out of books to read), but have remedied that in my own way. I may have overshot. Maybe.

  3. Yep, having a fallback is an excellent plan :)