The Problem with Potato Chips

I am supposed to be getting ready to leave at a moments notice to go to a funeral.  It's a mad dash sprint from here to the heart of Pennsylvania and back again in the course of a weekend.  I'm almost ready to go, I just have to get dressed and throw a few more things in my suitcase.  But instead . . .

I'm working on these socks that I cast on for the drive.  At this rate I may be finished with them before we get out of North Carolina.  Boy would that land me in a pickle.  I'm just hopelessly addicted.  Not just to the lace panel, but to the tiny cables running up the sides of the foot.  It's been so long since I knit cables that I forgot how much fun they are.  They really are potato chip knitting.*

*For hints on this reference check out the Knit More Girls Podcast

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