I notoriously hate the beach.  I'm not big on sand, or deep water, or sunburns.  I absolutely detest wearing a bathing suit no matter how cute you may think it is.  My family comes to the beach where I live (yes, I hate the beach and I live by it. I'm aware of how crazy that sounds) every year for Easter and I spend most of my time working at the table or on the front porch.

But every once in a while I trick my brain into forgetting all of this.  And forgetting all about the grading and the studying.

And sometimes, just sometimes, this becomes my idea of a perfect moment.

Happy Easter!
He is risen.  He is risen indeed.

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  1. I always think I like the beach more than I do. I love the sea, but sand is just annoying ;) I'd be a bit too paranoid about sand in my yarn to knit on the beach, but that pic does make it look like a perfect moment!