FO: Fiana

Today is my little sister's birthday.   She's twenty and I am still having trouble accepting that.  I had a hard time accepting when she got her drivers license or graduated from high school.  Now she's twenty and halfway through college.  It's just too weird.

Eva's always been the fashionable one in the family.  She's an expert with eye makeup and always wants to look well put together.  For her birthday this year I was at a loss, because I did not have a ton of time or money to put into a present, but I wanted it to be special.  I've made the unfortunate mistake of gifting handknits frequently to various family members.  Now I know.  Don't ever give anyone anything handmade ever.  Then you won't feel the need to live up to it again.  I had about 40 yards of Malabrigo sock in black leftover from a Christmas present, so I decided to knit a headband.  After much deliberation I decided on Fiana by Connie Stults (rav link, sorry), a great customizable pattern in fingering weight.

As you can see, Eva's hair is perfect for headbands.  She has both bangs and long hair, so a headband adds a little whimsy in all the right ways.

I picked up the buttons at Joann's (the closest thing I have ever found to an actual button shop in our area).  The little swirls and hearts are classic Eva.

I know she liked it because she tolerated me dragging her outside and posing her by a palm frond-esque bush.

Happy birthday, Eva!


  1. Happy Birthday!! And the headband looks really cute. XD

  2. Cute headband - glad she likes it :-)

  3. Great headband! That makes a nice gift.