Stash 2: The Revenge

I was a little embarrassed when, during Knit and Crochet Blog Week, I had to explain where I keep my stash.  I wasn't embarrassed due to how I was keeping my stash wrangled but because I knew it was going to change soon with the upcoming move.

Btw, to everyone who stopped by during 2KCWB, thanks for visiting!  I was blown away by the numbers and very humbled by everyone's comments on Day 5.  You guys are so sweet!

My goal right now in preparation for the move is to pack one box a day.  I have these amazing copy paper boxes that teacher friends have been grabbing for me from their school offices, often to the chagrin of everyone else who knows someone who is moving.  So far I have three boxes of books (they got so heavy I decided to stop packing books until I find an alternative solution), assorted other boxes, and two boxes of yarn.  Oh yeah, that's right.  I have enough yarn to fill two boxes and still need a large shopping bag.

I didn't realize how much stash I have.  It was a little overwhelming as all the skeins starting crawling out from their respective hideouts like blood-thirsty zombies.  The approach I decided on was to put each set into ziplock bags and then place them in the boxes (So sweater quantities would be bagged together, but like skeins of the same color were bagged individually).  Then, I actually entered each one into Ravelry so that I know what I have and how much.

I know, recording your stash on Ravelry should be a no brainer.  When I first started using Ravelry I entered everything, but over time, I just got lazy.  Actually, that's a lie.  I got embarrassed.  I was embarrassed by some of my yarn because I still have a lot of my early stash.  I have a lot more good stash now, but I still have those random skeins of acrylic or big box store yarns (though in my defense the Lion Brand Homespun was a gift from a yarn-ignorant individual).  But while I was bagging and tagging each yarn I decided to no longer be ashamed.  My stash, which I didn't even think I had, is very indicative of my journey as a knitter.  It's full of bargain-priced odds and ends from when I was trying to get my footing in the crafting world, and orbiting around this are the newer acquisitions.  I've learned a lot about what yarn is good for what projects, and I think that is very apparent in my stash.  Just some of the colors are a little odd. But I've become secure in my yarn choices.  I may still envy the beautiful stashes of self-proclaimed "yarn snobs", but as I am in a lot of life, I'm an equal opportunity knitter.  If you're an acrylic yarn, but you're soft as cashmere and sturdy as wool, I'm all for it.  If you're a wool that's rather scratchy but looks and feels sheepy, bring it on.  I'm done being ashamed of anything in my stash and hiding it away.  From now on my stash and I are going to be quite happy together.

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  1. Good for you..Stash acceptance is the first step to living a happy life XD. I hope moving goes well