FO: Goodale

It seems every time I finish a sweater it is my favorite thing I have ever knit.  Goodale and I have finally worked through her assertive issues, and the results are spectacular.

This was my first Cecily Glowik MacDonald pattern, and it was so much fun to knit.  The increases completely threw me but once I started knitting them they made perfect sense.  And the edging!  I know I'm not the first one to rave about the i-cord edging.  It's pretty ingenious.

In this pattern, like most, I fell between sizes, but I went ahead and knit the 34 because it does not have to close in the front.  I did add an extra repeat of the body increases to add a little length, but I still blocked it to the prescribed measurements.  I would have finished it much sooner but I put it down for about a week during the move because I did not want to mess up the finishing.  Oh, yeah, the finishing?  It's a lot but it is totally worth it.

Despite my love for the pattern and the yarn (Cascade 220 sport -- yum!), what makes this sweater is the amazing vintage buttons.  I bought these at the Carolina Fiber Fest and they are my new one true love. They came in a pack of four, so I'll have to use my leftover skein to make something else that uses the remaining two buttons.


  1. The sweater looks so cute. I am jealous of the buttons. I love them.