WIP Wednesday: Spoiled

Please take the time to check out other, more productive WIP Wednesday posts over at Tami's blog.  She's so nice to run this every week.  And May the Fourth be with you!

It's the last week of school!  Well, almost.  I'm a TA, so the last week of school lasts until the grading is complete.  But as I'm moving in a mere seven days I feel pretty confident in calling this the last week of school.

Part of finishing up a semester is that last mad dash to complete lagging projects and assignments, as any caffeine-driven, under-rested student can attest.  I give my first exam today, so my mad dash starts this afternoon.  Fortunately I've had a brief lull in the semester due to the fact I passed comps last semester and will not be defending my thesis until next.  Aside from packing I have been using this time to finish one of my lingering projects that is crucial to the successful formation of my thesis -- scanning.

Meet Goodale.  A little top down stockinette cardi that has been my constant companion this week during the untold hours I have spent at the scanner with my bag full of primary documents.  (Side note: If you hear about that bounty the library has out on me, please note that Goodale and I are armed and dangerous.  We have returned all of the books now but the scary ladies in the back seem to have taken no interest and are out for blood.  Many a Bothan died to bring this laptop to our super secret police box hideout).  I counted yesterday and determined that I can pick up my knitting and purl five stitches or knit eight before I have to turn the page and start the next scan.  I look spazzy crazy during all of this, but it was the only thing keeping me sane.  (There was an incident with a 336 page book that did not save and a temper tantrum and a tangled ball of yarn, but I'd rather not talk about it if you please)

Despite all the scanning, Goodale already has a lot of good memories knit into her.  I knit the gauge swatch the night my dad and I introduced my brother to Dirty Harry (again, sorry Mom).  The first several rows were knit while shopping with my mom and sister during Easter break.  The yoke was knit during one too many Top Model reruns while I stayed a few days with Mom at the beach.  Overall, Goodale is a very happy cardi.  Even the yarn (Cascade 220 Sport) is deliciously squishy.

I am a little concerned that Goodale is turning into a bit of an attention whore.  She has spent most of her formative rows out in public and now she's so big she takes over her own seat in public spaces.  Last night one of the girls told her boyfriend "See, my friends are cool.  They knit in bars."  But I swear the subtext was "I can't believe she's allowed that cardi to get such an inflated ego.  Whatever happened to bringing socks out for a nice evening with friends?"

I blame the packing.


  1. What a beautiful shade of blue! Congrats on almost being done with school, that's got to be exciting.

  2. So glad to hear you have a knitting friend with you in your time of bordem :)

    Best wishes with your scanning! Knitting will get you through!

  3. YAY for the last week of school, and for such a prettily coloured project/companion to spend it with. (Also, I looove the paragraph about the good memories that are knit into this cardigan---I adore projects where you can remember where and when you worked on them and it's all warm and fuzzy and good.)

  4. Goodale sounds like a good friend in a stressful situation -- but I'm not sure she understands that she's your sidekick and not vice versa :-)

  5. Good luck with the last week of school AND the move! I checked out the pattern for the cardi you're working on and love it! I can't wait to see yours finished. I love that you have tons of memories in knitting it already.

  6. I rather <3 that your cardi has a personality. Good luck finishing it!

  7. I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, your cardi or the actual post about her! Very well written. =)