FO: Oceanfront Daybreak

I know, two FO posts in two days.  The world will certainly end now.

I swear until last month I did not see the appeal of Daybreak.  It was a pretty pattern, but it was yet another shawl and totally not worth the insane obsession that has spawned quite a fan base.  But then Miss Kalendar of the Brass Needles podcast hosted a knitalong and there was a coupon code and I was really frustrated with the socks I was trying to knit and well . . .

I totally fell in love with the construction of this shawl.  I was a little confused about the placement of increases, but the further along I got the more I saw the magic.  None of the segments are the same size, which is not obvious when glancing at photos, but really is the unique and fun part of this pattern.  Give me one more project and I'll be a card-carrying member of the cult of Stephen West.

We took these pictures out in the neighborhood by my apartment complex.  I'm in love with the area.  There are a ton of hills and families, but right across the street is the city.  Despite the name of this project, I'm not missing the coast at all.

This sign really confused me because it faced the pond in front of my apartment.  I guess we are well protected from a duck invasion.

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  1. Lovely shawl. I didn't get the fascination rother, but you're making me want to knit one!