FO: Riff*Con Socks

A major part of my Dragon*Con experience this year was working on these socks.

Pattern: Riff by Lise Brackbill from Knitty, Deep Fall, 2010

I worked on these in line, in panels, in the car, and while charging my phone in the most unlikely places, such as under an escalator or in a commandeered storage closet.  Obviously a girl in a short skirt and high heeled boots, cosplaying as Indiana Jones, hunkered under an escalator, and who happens to be knitting a bright pink sock, draws a bit of curiosity (though not nearly as much as all those men in kilts and fairy wings).

It was all friendly interest.  Most people were just curious as to what I was working on and left it at that.  A lot of the curiosity was directed to my choice to magic loop.  Several were new knitters who had yet to progress to socks because they were confused as to how to join in the round.  It was fun to show them what I was doing and introduce them to the joys of Ravelry while waiting to see the ever amazing Wil Wheaton.

Now if you look closely you might notice a problem that typically arises from having too much fun while knitting.  One sock is noticeably larger than the other.  Remember all those careful notes I took?  Yeah, forget those.  I somehow managed to have to reknit the one sock about three times and still made it one diamond shorter on the foot.  This should in no way reflect on the pattern.  It is very well written with fascinating construction.

And yet, somehow the shorter sock fits better than the one I meticulously measured and calculated.  So much for note-taking.

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  1. Cute! I've never done magic loop...what is that?