I Think I Must Buy Clogs Now

Last night I did something I've never done before.  Something that I've seen in photos but have been too intimidated to try.  Something I was sure would be insanely difficult and at which I was destined to fail miserably.  I knit a patterned heel.

Heel number one of Riff socks in ONline Supersocke Silk.

Understand that this heel was not achieved painlessly.  I was almost late for work because I picked them up to fix a mistake I made at dinner the night before and ended up in a screaming match with the stitches because they would not accommodate the stitch count properly.  Evidently it really is possible to fit a thirty stitch chart on twenty-eight stitches.  We came to terms with our differences, however, and enjoyed an evening of blissful twisty-ness and VMA mockage (All I wanted was to watch Adele and see the Hunger Games teaser.  The rest was miserable).

Luckily I had a stroke of genius in anticipation of my disagreement with the sock and printed out part of the pattern on which to take notes.  Normally I try to keep them on my phone or kindle, but I decided that if I was going to be able to make this sock a mate I needed something more permanent.

I also did not want to risk losing my pattern while at D*Con later this week.  Priorities, man.  Those lines will be miserable without my sock.

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