Emerging from the Knitting Pile

It's been a while since I've felt like blogging.  With the thesis coming due at the beginning of this month I just didn't have the energy to write outside of the hours I spent hammering out chapters.  You would not have wanted to read anything I had to say anyway, because it was all very self-absorbed whining about how much more I had to accomplish and how rediculous it was for me to decide to get this degree in the first place and how traffic in Raleigh was out to get me so that I was gone for over 10 hours a day when I should be home writing.

In any case, I'm done with the first draft now and am basking in the almost fall weather and the weird calm that has fallen on me since I turned it in last Friday.  But lest you worry I have not been knitting, never fear.  I have accomplished much in the panic-stricken moments between word sprints.

From top to bottom:
Spiral Tweed Cloche by Veronik Avery in Manos del Uraguay Wool Classica
Rustling Leaves Beret by Alana Dakos in CJ Kopek Creations Integrity
Autumn Vines Beret by Alana Dakos in Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Skinny Skid by Stephen West in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and Dream in Color Starry
Cloudy Day Beret by Alana Dakos in Loop D Loop by Teva Durham Moss
Fledermaus-Tuch by Jana Albrecht in Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sock
Under the Cover of Midnight Hooded Cowl by Julie Turjoman in Cascade Eco +

Most of these haven't been entered into Ravelry yet (but should be soon!) because I did not have that kind of time.  To borrow a Knitmore Girl turn of phrase, I have not had the bandwith to do more than knit a few rows at a time.  Nor did  I have the mental capacity to do anything that would require a lot of thought, so I resorted to well-written patterns for smaller items.  The end result, as you can see, has been anxiously awaiting fall.

I actually have a sweater on the needles but I don't know if I'll go back to it any time soon.  There is a lot of editing and defense preparation coming up soon and I am rather enjoying the turnover rate of small projects.  It just needs to get colder.

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