FO: Twisty Frosted Violets

It may be counter-intuitive, but it appears that the more I have to write, the more knitting I do.  Now, a lot of this knitting is tied to some tragic, melodramatic socks, but that's a story for another day.  Today it is a crisp cold morning in North Carolina, and I am sporting a brand new hat!

Twisty Violet Cap by Kate Oats in Yarn Love, Frosted Mulberry

I bought the kit to make this hat while at SAFF, and really enjoyed knitting it.  What attracted me was the lovely twisted brim, and despite the fact that I had decided to take a break from hats, I knew I had to knit it.

I originally intended to knit the medium slouchy size, but at the last minute decided to do just the medium, so it has the stitch count of the slouchy but the pattern repeat number of the regular.  The women in my family have notoriously larger heads, so I often knit a slightly larger size to be sure it fits.  The resulting drape of the worsted weight fabric is quite lovely.  I may have found a tiny error in one of the last rows of the chart, but the  pattern is so intuitive that it was an easy fix and it is entirely possible that I slipped up somewhere along the way because the pattern was so well written.

The window pane style pattern is absolutely stunning and a nice departure for my recent leaf obsession.  Mom actually discussed this with Kate when we were in her booth and we came to the consensus that it really is all the fault of Alana Dakos, whose recent pattern sale resulted in an overdose of leafy hat knitting on my part.

This was my first experience knitting with Yarn Love and I was extremely pleased.  Not just because the yarn base is called Anne Shirley either!  I definitely have another skein on my wish list to knit the matching mitts (again, the braided brim! I can't get enough).  I actually have this fantasy of using my leftovers to make a headband of some sort.  We shall see.

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