WIP Happy

It's a lovely dreary day here in Raleigh.  The kind of day that just makes every color pop against the almost-stormy sky.  Quite honestly, it's my favorite kind of day.  I can sit at my desk with the blinds open without suffering from glare on my computer, I can curl up on the couch with a stack of pages to edit and quietly sip a cup of tea, listening to Pandora play The Cranberries.  And it's the type of day that makes me want to dive into my stash and cozy up to a special skein of worsted or some nice sock yarn.  I don't know if it is the fact that the weather has finally started to turn or an after effect of SAFF, but I have somehow found myself in a frenzy of works in progress.

In this pile is a sweater, two cowls, two socks (will be two pairs sometime soon), two hats, and a stole.  These are in a variety of weights and complexity, in various stages of completion, and all screaming to be worked on.  For the most part I have not listed them on my Ravelry projects page, mostly because I don't like to list projects with attached photos.  But also because I am closing in on 100 projects, and for some reason I feel like this will solidify me as a Knitter, the kind with a capital "k".

But instead of working on any of these, I am winding this lovely skein of Miss Babs (squeal!) for another pair of socks.  Hope the other projects forgive me.

ETA: So the yarn has informed me that it would rather be a shawl than socks and the collective wisdom of Twitter has advised that it is always best to listen to talking yarn rather than risk it's wrath in the form of unhappy socks.  Maybe I'll wind another skein...

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