KIPing with the Canes

Last night I had the good luck to be able to go to an NHL game.  The museum was accepting a donation and so we got a block of seats for whoever wanted to go.  I brought Chris with me, who might have had even more fun than I did (didn't hurt that we could actually see things from our seats).

Our team lost, but not without putting up a good fight, including a rarely seen penalty shot.

He shoots, he's blocked!  The crowd went absolutely nuts.

There was a lot of knitting related fun as well.  I dressed for the cold that hockey rinks are known for and I think Andrea and Chris are now having a competition to see just how much or little knitwear they can find me in.  I can't help it if an alpaca sweater and a knitted jacket were perfect for the occasion.  I should have dug out  a pair of mitts, though, because by the end my fingers were a little too stiff with cold to keep working on my Time of My Life socks.  You'd think no one at work ever saw me knitting on my lunch break or had noticed the brightly colored knit socks I wear every day. But I got almost all of the cuff done!

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