Here We Go

In a little over an hour I will load up my car and head back to school for my defense tomorrow.  I have my presentation outfit hanging up to avoid wrinkling my skirt and have packed clothes to wear before the defense, again, to avoid wrinkling my skirt (the majority of my defense will be spent standing behind a podium, but I'm still greatly concerned about the wrinkling of the skirt).  I have my box of research to write last minute notes for the scary question-answer portion.  I have my presentation and thesis saved in two different places as well as emailed to myself, because you don't go through 17 years to school without becoming a little paranoid.  I've got my running stuff, should I wish to taper out some nerves on the nice flat ground.  I have my own pillow and blanket so that I can minimize my presence at my cousin's house and thus minimize the amount of cleaning I will have to do.  On that note I also have a packet of Starbucks Via from my mommy, guaranteeing coffee for the morning, and my fully loaded tea wallet, to help me stay calm.  I've packed not one but three different knitting projects because I don't want to run out of things to do on an overnight trip, after all.  Just one sock and a pair of sleeves isn't enough.  I need a cowl project too.  And then I've got my comfort items (knitting, obviously, is a necessity, not for comfort).  My Star Wars hoodie for the 70+ degree weather. Hand-crafted accessories from family members that will go with the I outfit I picked to wear to my defense.  The latest Yarn Harlot book, which I have not reread enough times.  And Pretty Little Liars season one.  Because nothing helps you sleep before a scary, life-altering, working to this your whole life, terrifying day like the sheer terror that a teenage psychopath will find you.  And Esbians.


  1. Good luck! And remember, you now know more about your topic than anyone, including your committee.

  2. Good luck!! Sounds like you're well prepared. =)

  3. You will be great, and you will sail through it, confident in the knowledge that your skirt is uncrinkled :-) x