And Then There Was Crazy

There has been a lot of talk in the knitting podcast community about the concept of "crazy."  The question, "What's your crazy?" has been popping up a lot thanks to The Fat Squirrel Speaks and The Stockinette Zombies.  It was a question I had not really considered until I was faced with the reality of what November has done -- I cast on all the things.  And I mean all the things.  I currently have on the needles one shawl, one pair of mitts, one hat, three pairs of socks, and three, yes three, sweaters.  Clearly I have lost my mind.  Add to the insanity that I have to talk myself out of casting on a new hat pretty much every time I sit down to knit and you have a pretty good idea of the state of my knitting mojo.  I am not knitting holiday gifts this year, and I think as a reaction to this my brain has decided that this means I get to knit everything that pops into my brain.

To try to stem the crazy (see?  I can define my crazy after all), I am trying to focus on knitting through individual projects.  Not knitting monogamously, but focusing specific time around specific knitting.  For example, keeping the same pair of socks in my purse and spending all my at-home knitting time focused on this sweater.

This is Slope, by Cookie A, from her ebook Shapes + Form, knit in Dragonfly Fibers Selkie (Look familiar?  It is the compensation yarn for when I knit the epic Lonicera in the spring) I am in love with this sweater, and the yarn, but with only a few body chart repeats left, I am about to lose it.  The good news is that it is definitely not going to be too tight.  I was really worried about halfway up the front, but then I read the pattern all the way through for the five millionth time and on the five million and first read through the schematic suddenly made sense.  It meant I had more than double the amount of knitting left, but I am excited to see how it turns out.

I will reserve final judgement for when I get to actually wear the sweater, but I feel it is safe to say that I love it and will probably recommend that you knit everything in this ebook.  The construction is that good.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have another chart repeat to knock out.  Why don't you go check out the gang at Tami's Amis while I do so?


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of projects going on. From the picture the sweater looks great. Its really pretty.

  2. Sometimes a serious case of startitis is necessary before you can get finishitis. I hope you catch that one without any problems:)

  3. Maybe you just have a bigger attention span than others and need multiple projects to fill it. :-)