Geektastic Thursday: Bubble and Geek

With our return to Geektastic Thursday, I thought I would bring you a review of something I really really like.  Like is such a mild word, let's go with love.  A review of something I love -- meet Bubble and Geek.

I first heard about Bubble and Geek on the Knit 1 Geek 2 podcast.  The gals who host the podcast had stumbled across the etsy shop but had not actually purchased anything.  But at the mention of lip balm, I knew I had to check it out.  My lip balm addiction is one of my strongest vices.  I am more likely to break down and buy a tube than I am to buy yarn (probably a price thing) and I often have up to three tubes in my work bag.

So how could I possibly resist geek themed lip balm?  The two I bought are Vanilla Custard (fish fingers not included) and Winter is Coming.  Both have a distinct but mild scent, with a sharper edge on the Winter is Coming (it is a vanilla mint scent).  The thing I really like about these, aside from the awesome names, is the texture of the lip balm.  A lot of hand made mixes are rather thin.  They go on well, but feel a little more oily than a commercially made tube may be.  Bubble and Geek tubes are not that way at all.  They are not rough, but the smooth nature has a little more heft to it.  I feel I only need to cover my lip once rather than multiple times.  And I can speak from experience when I say these little babies can hold up in a pocket.  I've taken to keeping Winter is Coming in my pocket at work for a little decadent boost when customers start to drive me crazy.

Because winter is indeed coming and I was already putting in an order, I decided to give one of the lotions a try.  I am not big on smells, preferring a more subtle earthy tone to a more bold floral or fruity scent, so I decided to go with Don't Blink, described as English Ivy.  Once again, there is nothing about this that I do not love.  The scent is strong at first but mellows as you apply the lotion, leaving a nice perfumed smell to the skin.  And best of all?  It sinks in fast.  I keep my bottle next to my bed, so I often use it when I'm getting ready to settle in for the night.  Within a minute I can go from lotion to knitting without any slimy or sticky problems.  My only gripe is that it does not come in a travel size, so I cannot carry it with me all the time.

I have only tried a few of the items Bubble and Geek has to offer.  She also makes candles, soap, body spray, etc, and has a lot more scents.  I think my next order will include Sonic Screwdriver and Butterbeer, both of which sound delightful.  If you or someone you know deserves a little geek-themed pampering, give this shop a look.  Her prices are reasonable and what could be more fun than a Princess Peach candle?

(Like all my reviews, this is simply a product I have tried and thought you might like to know about.  No one provided me with anything that would influence my opinion, so you can trust that I fully believe what I write.)


  1. Oooo...these sound great! Thanks for highlighting them. Maybe Santa will be good to me and stuff a couple in my stocking. =)

  2. These sound great. Could you pour some of the lotion into a little bottle for a travel sized lotion fix?

    1. A very logical concept. I will definitely do this, thanks!