FO: Lonicera [Finally!]

Yesterday between shifts I came home and dragged Chris outside to take some pictures of the Lonicera.

I love the finished product.  It is absolutely lovely.  The yarn is so soft and did that blocking thing where all of the little imperfections just seemed to disappear.  That is one thing I will say about this sweater.  Even though I swatched, I still forgot how much it would grow!  The Selkie did not have as much drape as the original yarn, but here you can't even tell the difference.  It took just over two skeins to knit the medium, but I'm willing to bet that you could remove one body repeat to get a slightly shorter version out of two.

I used a US size 9 needle and kitchenered the two pieces together, rather than using a three needle bind-off.  My only problem was the amount of ends to weave in.  It took an entire episode of Stockinette Zombies to get through them all.

This little baby is packed up and ready to head to Kate for display in the Dragonfly Fibers booth.  If you see her at a show, stop and say hi!  Pet the sweater.  It is amazing yarn.

In the meantime I am trying to decide what Star Wars gear to wear today while I have a "knit all the things" kind of day.  I worked the midnight release of The Avengers last night, so I have the day off for crafty and geeky goodness.  May the Fourth be with you!

Check out other finished objects over at Tami's Amis!


  1. Lovely! I love the details down the front panels! I'm seeing the Avengers on Wednesday :-)

  2. Dragon fibers booth is so lucky to have your lovely knitting to show! WOWZA