Of Robots and Nail Polish

With Chris' new work schedule putting him on second shift, I have been spending a lot of time alone.  During the week I often find myself going to the gym, but my Y is closed after work on the weekends, so I have to find other things to pass the time.  Last night I decided to do what I always talk about wanting to do but never seem to make time for -- a spa night.

So, maybe I am not the most traditional girly girl.  Yes, my spa night consists of wine, foot scrub, and some nice nail polish (Julep Michelle).  But it also involved one of my all time favorite movies, Terminator 2.  I had the best time!  The movie may change, but I am pretty sure I will make this a weekend tradition.  I spend the majority of my day on my feet at work and then I come home and go run or cook or do something else that ultimately involves standing.  So to take an evening to soak and smooth my feet felt like the ultimate decadence.  It reminds me that I have such a blessed life to be able to take that time to pamper myself.

And then?  I finished the body of Slope, which I have taken to calling Shipwreck Cove, because it reminds me of a stormy ocean at night.  Plus the yarn colorway is Black Pearl.

I am working on the raglan sleeve now.  The end is in sight!  Now if I can just figure out how to style it.  Shopping may be the only solution.

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