Heel Turn Hubris

I'm back!  Actually, I got back Monday night, but I was exhausted from having too much fun, so I took a little extra time.  Stitches South was so much fun, and I promise to get into all of that tomorrow, but today is WIP Wednesday, so I need to share some actual progress with you.

When last you saw the Prissy Sock it was just a cuff.  I took this and my secret knitting with me to Atlanta and actually got quite a bit of knitting time.  I am knitting the Vanilla Latte Socks with a three by one ribbing and a garter eye-of-partridge heel.  I am particularly proud of the heel, which I managed without breaking the striping pattern.  I was sitting on my friend Taryn's couch, dodging the kitty and watching bad horror movies (Night of the Lepus anyone?) when I was struck by inspiration.  Because the pink stripe is the same width as the white and brown section and the white comes on either side, what if I stopped the stripe in the middle.  That way, no matter what I ended up with on the other side it would theoretically match up.  I am not sure if this would work on any other striping sequence, but I am pretty excited about its prospects for these socks.  So excited, in fact, that I want to get back to knitting this one before I head to work.

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  1. ooh very pretty socks, I love those colours - have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. Yes, when I'm working a heel flap and gusset construction in stripes, I try to split halfway into the widest stripe. You've really done well with matching up the heel flap - I've never managed that :) Of course an afterthought heel is another way to keep the striping even. They are very preppy looking!

  3. Way to go on matching up! I've never been able to do it.

  4. Your sock looks great! You did a fantastic job on the heel:)