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Happy May!  It was a crazy week at work this week, so rather than put all of that stress out onto the blog I decided to take a week off.  Honestly, I barely got any knitting done at all.  My basket of wips has reached the point that I went into complete denial and cast on a basic sweater last night.  But out of the craziness has come something really cool -- a sewing desk!

On Thursday I walked into the back to find this baby sitting next to a sign that said "free to a good home."  It seems it was not working out for its intended purpose.  I immediately put my name on it and on Friday loaded it into my back seat and brought it home (This is what I love about my Buick.  It may look like an old lady car, but I can fit quite a lot into the back seat).  Once we got it inside I realized that it didn't make sense to keep my stash cabinet in a separate room if I was going to have a crafting desk, so Friday night found me rearranging furniture until I finally created this (Thank goodness I had already reorganized the stash to fit back into the cabinet).

I'm not done moving everything out of its dedicated storage space, but I am excited by the organizing potential this will create for other things we have stashed away. And it is amazing how much larger our bedroom appears now that I don't have my cabinet shoved into the corner.  I would say that it is helping our apartment really come together, but I'm sure that by the time I am done it will be time to move again.  In the meantime I am just excited to have a dedicated space for all of my knitting supplies, my yarn, the crochet and embroidery I inherited from my grandmothers, and even my sewing machine.  Maybe it is finally time to relearn how to use it.

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